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Have you ever heard of e-cigarettes? Don’t worry! Many folks haven’t heard of these products. E-cigarettes, also known by electric, electronic, vapor or smokeless cigarettes, look very similar to actual cigarettes. But, rather than creating smoke, e-cigarettes produce vapor. This often contains nicotine but not the 4,000+ substances that cigarette smoke has in it. In fact, the electronic cigarette mist is based on glycerin or propylene glycol.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly an e-cigarette is. Simply put, it’s a two or three-part design device that can look similar to a regular cigarette or a pen. Some manufacturers will make them colorful and stylish to capture the attention of prospective buyers. Be sure to go with a high quality device, as there are lots of low quality products out there.


    Electric cigarettes, also known as personal vaporizers, ecigs or e-cigarettes, are like traditional cigarettes in their function however, can look vastly different, and unlike traditional cigarettes, they are non-flammable and they do not contain tobacco. E-Cigarettes allow users to vape cigs anywhere they want to, including at indoor locations where traditional smoking is usually band. This is because thanks to a series of complex internal mechanics, they produce no smoke, but instead they produce a mist-like odorless vapor that is completely harmless whereas cigarettes can have serious health risks to those around them through second hand smoke.

    One of the most critical reasons why smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes is because they allow users to determine their own nicotine intake, which is a great way to reduce their nicotine smoking habits, without resorting to either abruptly quitting or having to use nicotine patches or gums. Some other great reasons why Voda Vapor e-cigarette products are gaining strength over conventional cigarettes among smokers, are the no second hand smoke, you can vape ecigs almost anywhere, there are no foul orders when vaping, and the amount of money that you can save over time is tremendous!


    Our products are the most popular alternative for conventional tobacco cigarette smokers, and they work in a completely different way than traditional cigarettes work. In fact, our ecig devices work by using a series of advanced internal mechanisms that cause the liquid nicotine (also known as eliquid or ejuice) to be heated in and atomizer and produce water vapor that can be safely ingested and blow out, producing vapor that simulates traditional smoke. The battery that can be recharged, is the heating source for ecigarettes. Also, while all of these inner mechanisms may seem very complex to the average smoker that is thinking of switching to ecigs, assembling an e-cigarette is very easy and replacement parts for ecigarettes are affordable.

    Batteries in Premium Electronic Cigarettes, like our eGoT ecigarette, usually last for around ten hours before needing to be recharged. Also, one atomizer can last a week to 2 weeks and the eliquid bottle you can purchase can last as several weeks depending upon your vaping habits. Once together, the battery heats the vaporizer, which uses atomization technology to vaporize the nicotine inside the cartridge into a safe water/glycerin solution, creating a "vapor-like" smoke that is harmless to both the vaporer and the individuals around them. Take a look at our ecigarettes and our great USA made eliquids to find a flavor that suites your vaping needs.


    •   People who have been smoking for a lengthy time that have found smoking in public places impossible.
    •   Smokers who are employed in non-smoking facilities or would like to vape at their desk (see your company for permission to do so).
    •   People that socially smoke but would would like lower nicotine contents to none nicotine eliquids.
    •   Smokers looking to slowly quit smoking all together by reducing the nicotine levels until the reach no nicotine levels.


    •   Those under 18 years old.
    •   Individuals who do not smoke cigarettes.
    •   Women pregnant or those who are breastfeeding.
    •   Persons with or are at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or who are taking medicine for depression or asthma.
    •   People who are sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredients in the inhalant.


    E-Liquids are a flavored liquid nicotine solution used in all the new e cigarettes to create a nicotine vapor that mimics real smoking. The difference between traditional cigarette smoke and eliquid vapor is that the vapor is odorless, does not contain tar, does not produce carbon monoxide, and does not produce 2nd hand smoke. And because of these qualities, e cigarettes can be used practically everywhere, including many places where cigarette smoking has been banned by laws. Eliquid has turned into a very large industry because of the ever growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, health risks of traditional cigarettes, and because of the cigarette bans popping up across the nation. Eliquid is required for an electronic cigarette to create vapor. In the past few years electronic cigarettes have become very popular in the United States and other parts of the world, and e liquid continues to evolve, and has completely change the way people think and feel about smoking.

    Eliquid has been referred to as nicotine liquid, liquid nicotine, e liquid nicotine, smoke juice, vape juice, nicotine juice, refill liquid, electronic cigarette liquid, electronic smoking liquid, esmoke juice, ejuice, and many more. How does an eliquid cigarette work?


    The way eliquid works is that it is heated up inside of an ecigarette cartridge by a technology called an atomizer, or a cartomizer (depending on which type of electronic cigarette you are using). Once the e liquid is heated it turns into a vapor that transfers nicotine to the user. The vapor is not invisible; it is thick, noticeable, and just like smoke except without the odor of a traditional cigarette. You literally inhale the nicotine and exhale the vapor.


    We carry many different flavors such as traditional cigarette flavors like tobacco and menthol, fruit flavors like mango peach, cherry, grape and watermelon, sweet flavors like blueberry muffin and chocolate mint, to signature flavors like bahama mama and kactus kooler. We are always creating great new flavors to add to the mix so please check out our convent categories to find the best eliquid flavors that suites you. If you would like to request a custom flavor of eliquid please feel free to do so by contacting us on our contact form page. We do consider all requests, and love new ideas. With our excellence in customer service it is no wonder we care about what flavors they like.


    One of the great things about eliquid nicotine is that you can choose between extra high nicotine eliquid, high nicotine eliquid, medium nicotine eliquid, low nicotine eliquid, and non-nicotine eliquid. This means that at any given time you can change your nicotine strength and work your way from high nicotine, to medium, to low, to none, or vice versa, giving you the opportunity of cutting down usage unlike cigarettes. As we stated, this nicotine strength option isn't available in real cigarettes or any other type of product that delivers nicotine through a smoking experience. The ability to change your eliquid nicotine content is revolutionary and is going to give smokers ultimate control over the nicotine levels in their body.


    USA Grade pure nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and flavoring additives are the main ingredients used in our e liquid. Nicotine is commonly found in tobacco, and is also naturally occurring in tomatoes. The main vapor producing ingredient in our e liquid is propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a food additive generally recognized as safe by the FDA, also referred to as a "GRAS" rating.


    USA Grade pure nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, water, and flavoring additives are the main ingredients used in our e liquid. Nicotine is commonly found in Besides being odorless and tar free, saving money is another great advantage that eliquid offers. LOCO eliquid 30ml bottles are just $10.99. This bottle is the equivalent to about 9-10 packs of cigarettes. Compare that to $5-$10 per pack. The savings are significant and add up into big numbers over time. Everyday people are realizing the benefits of ecigarettes and are making the switch to the ecigarette, eliquid, vaping, and esmoking.


    You can buy eliquid and ecigarette supplies directly online at empirevapestore.com. We have a wide array of flavored eliquids in all different strengths of nicotine including extra high-(18mg) med-(12mg) low-(3mg) and non-(0mg). All of our eliquid is made from only USA sourced USP/Food Grade ingredients and usually ships within 1-2 business days.

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