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Cigs vs eCigs

With cigarette prices going up (averaging $7.20 a pack) and all the health risks involved with cigarettes it's no wonder that ecigarettes are becoming more popular. You can usually get 15 packs worth from one of our 30ml eliquids making your price (per pack of cigarettes) around $.50 per "pack".

Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Since eliquids are formulated to last longer than a regular pack of cigarettes, purchasing eliquid is a better choice for saving money. So don’t burn your money on old fashioned ignitable cigarettes; over the course of a year, you can save thousands of dollars!

With electronic cigarettes you are not only helping yourself, but also the environment. Electronic cigs are smoke free, ash free and create no fire risk. A single flavor bottle is equivalent around 100 - 150 cigarettes (depending on the depth of your puffing style), without the waste that tobacco cigarettes leave behind. Tobacco cigarettes also place a major burden on the environment with the accumulation of cigarette butts in landfills. You can enjoy vaping guilt-free, and rest assured you are protecting the environment.

cig vs ecigWe offer the best ecigarette, eliquid choice. With no offensive odors, you no longer need to worry about offending your non-smoking friends. No longer will you need to step outside in inclement weather or struggle through non-smoking events. With ecigs you can smoke virtually anywhere, even in most ‘No Smoking’ areas like bars, restaurants, offices, and airports. The eliquids won’t leave your home and car smelling like an ashtray. If you are a smoker, you owe it to yourself and those you care about.

And if you are trying to quit smoking all together our eliquids and ecigarette supplies are the best choice. Our 30ml bottles come in many different flavors and we offer several different eliquid nicotine levels that will help you cut back until you are vaping with no nicotine helping you to quit. We have 18mg, 12mg, 3mg and 0mg nicotine eliquids ready to help you cut back. All of our elquids are made right here in the USA with USA sourced USP/FOOD Grade ingredients, unlike most companies that make their products from Chinese companies. It's no wonder why we are a trusted e-liquids, and e-cigarette supplier. So for your number one source for eliquids and e-cigarette supplies go to www.empirevapestore.com
In an ecigarette vs. real cigarette comparison, electronic cigarette and eliquids are clear winners. Smoke-free, ash-free, tar-free and free from Carbon Monoxide.

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